ASEA is a new MLM/Network Marketing company that has created a significant amount of online discussion. A very misunderstood product has many people shouting ASEA Scam! In this article we ask the question: Is ASEA really a scam…? One of the problems and great challenges with the Internet is anyone can write and publish anything they want whether or not it has any basis in truth. When evaluating the ASEA opportunity it is critical to dig deep and look at all the information especially the unbiased reviews.

There are three primary reasons why people may call a network marketing company a scam or an outright fraud. Most all of them stem from a lack of proper information and are a result of quick conclusions before all the facts are reviewed.

ASEA is a network marketing company that launched in mid 2009 with an interesting product that is probably the single biggest reason why we are hearing claims of Fraud and deceit. The ASEA company has been founded by some very accomplished executives whom I feel, through my research, have their distributors and customers best interests in mind.

The first and probably the most common reason for making the claim 'ASEA Scam' stems from a complete and utter misunderstanding of how the MLM industry works as a whole. It's hard to imagine that despite all the validation and 60+ year history of our industry that people still make uneducated conclusions about the structure of a solid, profitable and economically beneficial company. Most of these claims and complaints come from people that are not completely clear on how the compensation model works. As far as ASEA goes they operate with a traditional Binary plan that pays out a percentage of their sales revenue. There is nothing scummy about the compensation model.

The second reason many people are quick to call ASEA a scam is a misunderstanding of the product. By looking at the label one could conclude that ASEA is simply trying to push Salt Water for $1 an ounce. This, of course, would be outrageous and if their product doesn't deliver in a seriously unchallenged fashion they may have a hard time overcoming this stigma. If you read the ingredients on the product you will only see Water and Sodium Chloride but what you wont see is the science behind the included "reactive molecules" that apparently have been shown to have significant effects on the human body. It appears that there is real science behind this 'reactive molecule' stabilization technology but you are always wise to conduct your own product research.

Many companies choose the network marketing business model because their products have a unique story that needs to be told so a consumer understands the potential benefit. Through my research i have found pending patents that support the claim of the products value. Because of this, at-least from a product perspective, I conclude that ASEA is not a scam.

The third and final reason that some people may call ASEA a scam is lack of Past success by an ASEA distributor or lack of success by an individual involved in a similar company in the past. When i say similar i mean another MLM or network marketing opportunity. This is the most frustrating of all claims because it usually stems from a distributor who really wanted success but unfortunately had an up-line that didn't have the knowledge and skills to share on proper building strategies or a distributor who had a complete and utter lack of good work ethics. Any business takes a great deal of effort to succeed with.

There is no reason to have a similar experience. One of the most important things to realize when you start a  business no matter what type of business it is... is that you are ultimately responsible for your success. If you want to make it in network marketing in todays day and age you must learn some new Internet marketing skills so that you can brand yourself and blast your message all over the Internet.

This way you can generate an unlimited amount of fresh and qualified leads eager to hear about your ASEA business. The best way to do this is to us a Professional Attraction Marketing System designed, proven and set up to lead you by the hand to become the master marketer you need to become.

As far as ASEA Scam or not? Definitely NOT!! A final tip: Don't let your future lie in someone else's hands. It's up to you to take charge, learn these skills and become the hunted instead of the hunter. It's a beautiful thing when you have people chasing you down begging to work with you. Your life and ASEA business will never be the same.